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Liza Sobel: Skin

Text: Richard Scott

Liza sings her own composition Skin with the New Brunswick Chamber Orchestra

Click here for more information about Skin.

Schönberg: Book of the Hanging Gardens

Liza Sobel (soprano); Thomas Hobson Williams (piano)

Walter Hilse: Psalm 44

Liza Sobel (soprano); Nancy Lindeberg (speaker); Walter Hilse (piano)

Walter Hilse composed Psalm 44 for Liza.  She sings a wordless melody while the speaker narrates Psalm 44's text.

Walter Hilse: Psalm 27

Liza Sobel (soprano); Walter Hilse (piano)

Walter Hilse composed Psalm 27 for Liza.

John Cage: Experiences II for solo voice

Liza Sobel (soprano)