Liza Sobel and Jonathan Hannau - American Composers Recital as part of Ear Taxi Festival
Liza Sobel (soprano)
Jonathan Hannau (piano)

Joining forces for the first time in concert, pianist, Jonathan Hannau and Liza curated a program of music focused around the haunting song cycle George Crumb’s Apparition in celebration of his 90th birthday and Chicago composers' music.  Their performance was part of Chicago's Ear Taxi Festival.

Jonathan Hannau: Humility
Carlos Jacquez Gonzalez - Juárez
Niki Harlafti - When I too long... 
Liza Sobel - Titular aria from I DID, DID I? 
George Crumb - Apparition

Liza Sobel: Skin

Text: Richard Scott

Liza sings her own composition Skin with the New Brunswick Chamber Orchestra

Click here for more information about Skin.

Schönberg: Book of the Hanging Gardens

Liza Sobel (soprano); Thomas Hobson Williams (piano)

Walter Hilse: Psalm 44

Liza Sobel (soprano); Nancy Lindeberg (speaker); Walter Hilse (piano)

Walter Hilse composed Psalm 44 for Liza.  She sings a wordless melody while the speaker narrates Psalm 44's text.

Walter Hilse: Psalm 27

Liza Sobel (soprano); Walter Hilse (piano)

Walter Hilse composed Psalm 27 for Liza.

John Cage: Experiences II for solo voice

Liza Sobel (soprano)