I DID, DID I? (2020)

Music by: Liza Sobel Crane
Libretto by: Gina Elia and Liza Sobel Crane

Duration: 50 minutes
(Listen to excerpt version down below)

I DID, DID I? begins with two roommates, one a dedicated homebody, one a socialite, chatting about the virtues and vices of going out.  After one of the women notices something unusual, however, what seems at first like an innocuous conversation spirals out of control, revealing that all is not what it seems.  An opera about gender, the dark side of dating, and above all about memory.  Please note that the opera discusses sexual assault, which may be triggering for some.  I DID, DID I? was commissioned by the Zafa Collective.  The premiere was on May 5, 2022 at the Poetry Foundation in Chicago. 

Christina Pecce (Woman 1), Liza Sobel Crane (Woman 2), Suzanne Hannau (flutes), Nico Chona (clarinets), Josh Graham (percussion), Louise Chan (piano), Hannah Christiansen (violin), Kelly Quesada (cello), and Maurice Cohn (conductor)

Excerpts of I DID, DID I?

Duration: 24 minutes